Is venue selection really that important?

Is Venue Selection Really That Important?

Ever heard someone say, “It’s no big deal, let’s just have the event at the museum uptown”? Don’t be among the many event hosts or planners that make this common mistake. Venue selection can make or break your event. Here are 4 key reasons why venue selection is critical to the success of your event.

  1. How many times in the past year has your guest been to the venue you are considering? Don’t get caught sending an invitation to someone who has had five other invitations come across their desk for a similar event at the same venue. Choose something more unique that piques the guests’ interest rather than reminding them of another long redundant evening.
  1. Consider your budget. When your budget is limited, it is important to make sure that your venue provides optimum value. Every dollar counts and extra money spent on chairs, tables, linens, audio visual support, air conditioning, heat, etc. can be draining to a small budget.
  1. Consider the style of your event. It’s our belief that most any space can be turned into the perfect venue with a little bit of vision and creativity. However, some spaces are better suited for specific event themes. Avoid choosing a venue that is counter-productive to your theme or event style.
  1. What is your headcount? Don’t assume that you can fudge on the numbers. Filling the venue to capacity with guests on top of added elements such as staging, food tables and a band can make for a very congested and uncomfortable evening for your guests. On the flip side, avoid using a venue that fits 1000 people when you only have 100 guests. You don’t want your event to feel empty.