freshly squeezed ideas

We are always searching for fresh, creative talent to join our team. In addition to experienced, full-time professional event planners, we are inspired by the energy of soon-to-graduate students who inject our company with new ideas, and a positive outlook on the future.

If you are looking for that next opportunity to: spread your wings, stretch your legs, be empowered, work hard, get outside of the box, create great things, make a space come to life, see things differently, challenge ideas, network with clients and jump into the puddles of this city with both feet first, drop us a line.

For career opportunities email your resume to email@tcgevents.com.



Our internships are unpaid, but we follow six-point test created by the the Fair Labor Standards Act…

  1. We promise you’ll actually learn something beyond how we take our coffee.
  2. You’re here to be enriched by us. If we’re enriched by you, that’s just a bonus.
  3. You’re not picking up someone else’s slack, and we won’t leave you hanging.
  4. See number 2.
  5. We can’t promise you a job at the end, and besides, you may not want one.
  6. No moolah.

If you learn something, and manage not to burn the place down, we’re even at the end.

Qualities we are looking for in our interns:

  • Creative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Interested in event planning, marketing or graphic design
  • Organized
  • Hard working


  • Must be currently enrolled as a student; but internship does not have to be for class credit.
  • Desire to be in the event industry.
  • Requires a three-month commitment with 20 hours minimum each week.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Interview Schedule:

Interviews Internship
November January – May
March May – August
July September – November

Interested in applying for an internship?

Contact Kim Baker at kbaker@tcgevents.com.

Make sure to check out our Facebook page where we post about internship interviews!


Our giraffe is playful and whimsical, yes, but it actually has a deeper meaning. We approach each project like a giraffe-with our head 15 feet above the rest and 20/20 vision for about 2 miles. We view the creative possibilities for each project with expansive panorama and sound experience. If you think you have what it takes to see differently, drop us a line and tell us why we should take a closer look.