standing tall.

the story of genevieve

We couldn’t help but notice her impressively long neck and cheerful face as it towered over the smelly dumpster. Recognizing immediately that she was a treasure, and not trash, we pulled her out, cleaned her up, and told her she was coming home with us. On the car ride back to the office, her neck and head jutted awkwardly out of the car window, but her smile never wavered. That’s when we began to see ourselves in her. Once we arrived at the office, we named her Genevieve the giraffe.  We thought the name suited her, and the alliteration would make it easy to remember, but someone keeps calling her Guinevere.

As she became more at home in our office, we became more curious about her kind. Spontaneous Internet searches revealed fun facts about giraffes such as: They have giant hearts, and only require between one and four hours of sleep a day. “Same here!” we said.

She’s playful to be sure, always wearing a tiara, a boa, or some kind of festive get-up. But she’s more than just good-natured and unique, she’s thoughtful. Her impressive height offers the broad perspective required for creative inspiration and the aerial view necessary to anticipate and devise contingency plans.

Call her our mascot or our spirit animal; Genevieve the giraffe reflects our collective traits. Her presence in our office serves as a constant reminder to rise above challenges, take the long view, and lead with our hearts.

Planning Giraffes

Cassie Brown, CSEP

Chief Experience Officer + Owner aka “Sarg”

She has a master’s degree in tourism and event management from The George Washington University, but her skill for drilling holes into tents to un-flood them is self-taught. She has been a fervent student of Ocie Davis who has been patiently giving her drum lessons for over three years.

Some might say she has an aversion to the traditional Caribbean vacation. In the last several years, she has chosen to vacation in Thailand, Antarctica, Belize, Egypt, and Finland.

Her wardrobe is like her events; unpredictable, expertly tailored, with admirable style very few could pull off. See Full Bio »

Email Cassie | (704) 376-1943 Ext 3089

Kim Atwell, CSEP

Event Architect aka “The Zookeeper”

Kim is known for the highest levels of sanity, functionality, organization, and stability in the office. However, she is not allowed to use the scissors.

One look at her event design storyboards, and you know she used to make all the other kids feel inferior about their dioramas.

Kim must always be in constant possession of identification. Without it, she’d be denied a lottery ticket, never mind a cocktail. In her early years with the company, she hated it and we found it precious. Now she loves it, and we’re starting to feel it’s a little unfair. See Full Bio »

Email Kim | (704) 376-1943 Ext 3081

Laura Anderson

Event Architect aka “Hallett”

We were compelled to bring her aboard, though we weren’t even hiring at the time. Surrounded by a virtual sea of "Lauras," we called her by her last name to avoid confusion. She has since married, and taken a new last name, but she’ll always be our “Hallett.”

She’s a rather quiet worker, but makes her presence known by doing pirouettes around the office all day. Silent pirouettes are nothing. It’s the fact that she doesn’t like chocolate that has us staring at her in disbelief. Just when we thought we found a team activity, along comes Hallett who suffers from shin splints and can’t run. We’re now considering belly dancing. See Full Bio »

Email Laura | (704) 376-1943 Ext 3091

Alexandra Hogan

Event Administrator aka "Alex"

The office “rooster”, Alex is a bona fide morning person, much to our benefit and dismay.

A former TCG intern, Alex was full time staff shoe-in after she ran to retrieve a dead rabbit from a run route during a race event. We don’t know if this quick willingness was a result of her childhood working on her family’s Missouri farm, or just an innate can-do attitude. Either way, we snagged her and she hasn’t stuck her nose up at a task yet. See Full Bio »

Email Alex | (704) 376-1943 Ext 3086

Shanna Stewart

Event Coodinator

Ask Shanna the most important tool in an event planner’s toolkit and she’ll tell you GPS. As a former TCG intern, she was a frequent errand runner and frequently lost.

As a former student of Cassie’s at Johnson & Wales University, Shanna learned her logistics chops from the best and served as Assistant Show Manager for Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte and Savannah before returning to TCG; as long as we promised to provide mapping technology at all times.
See Full Bio »

Email Shanna | (704) 376-1943 Ext 3094